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10 February 2020   International Affairs
Lecturers of the Flagship University attended a training in “Talent development centre” in Sberbank.
One of Sberbank's leading coaches, shared her knowledge and experience in developing creativity, motivating students, using feedback techniques, effective coaching, 6Ds breakthrough learning technology, storytelling, and implementing gamification in education.
5 February 2020   International Affairs
Lecturers of VSTU took part in a strategic session “Implementation of the Voronezh region strategy - 2035”

The strategic session brought together representatives of local government bodies, the Voronezh Oblast Duma, the Civic Chamber, the Governor’s Advisory Committee, business entities and designated companies. 

23 January 2020   International Affairs
Getting ready for the internal round of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation Scholarship program
Within the framework of the Scholarship competition, the department’s employees conduct an extensive and multidirectional campaign to prepare students for the most difficult and important stage of the program.