Health services

VSTU medical station operates as a part of the city student health centre.

The tasks of the medical station are to conduct treatment and prevention measures for the prevention and treatment of diseases among VSTU students. They include providing emergency medical care if necessary, conducting outpatient admission of students with acute and chronic therapeutic diseases, conducting outpatient appointments of students with acute and chronic therapeutic diseases, conducting dispensary observation of persons with chronic therapeutic diseases, conducting anti-relapse treatment and, if necessary, giving recommendations for sanatorium treatment, recovery in  preventative clinic, rest homes and tourist bases.

Conducting medical examinations among 1st-year students allows for timely early diagnosis of diseases among students as well as distributing them for physical education classes in various groups, including special (healthful).

A fluorographic examination of students is conducted annually for the purpose of early detection of pulmonary tuberculosis. In order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, an examination of persons who have been in contact with infectious patients is carried out.

One of the most important tasks of the medical station is to conduct sanitary and educational work among students. The most relevant issues are the prevention of drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking, and sexually transmitted diseases. This work is carried out by the staff of the medical station, as well as invited specialists of narcological, skin-venereological and psychiatric dispensaries.

All VSTU students have the right to free medical care.

Addresses of the medical stations:

Medical station

Voronezh, 14, Moskovsky Prospect

General practitioner's office

Voronezh, 179, Moskovsky Prospect

Medicine cabinet (in dormitory № 4)

Voronezh, 75, 20-letiya Oktyabrya Street

A sanatorium-preventorium
 (in dormitory № 5)

Voronezh, 77a, 20-letiya Oktyabrya Street

Student health centre

Voronezh, 8, Chaykovskogo

Health care center

Health care center of VSTU provides healthcare services to students, PhD and teaching stuff of the university. Typical services covered are therapeutic and rehabilitation treatment, physiotherapy treatments, manual therapy, reflexotherapy, traditional and mechanical massage, physiotherapy exercises, phytotherapy, oxygen cocktails. Patients of the center receive meal vouchers.  

Its main goal is to improve health of students, PhD and teaching stuff and promote healthy lifestyle.

Chief executive officer - Varenik Tatyana Sergeyevna, tel. 271-58-24