of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Voronezh region “Voronezh State Technical University” 

On March 17, 2016, according to the Decree No.244 issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Voronezh State Technical University and Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering were reorganized into a regional flagship university.

Since VSTU and VSUACE had different foundation dates, one can ask which one should be considered the foundation date of the joint educational institution. From the legal point of view VSTU should have the priority here as VSUACE was integrated into its existing structure. However, that would only be the case if one of the universities were smaller than the other. In this case, both educational institutions had the same status and were consolidated to create a new type of educational institution of higher education (flagship university) in Central Chernozem Region.

Proskurin Dmitry Konstantinovich – Rector

There is no general rule for how to define the foundation date of an educational institution. However, it is usually considered the foundation date of the oldest institution within its structure. If so, we can take VSUACE’s foundation date as the starting point in the history of the joint university. Moreover, founded in 1930, it became a regional flagship university and the first technical university in Voronezh.

Let’s take a closer look at the history of the first flagship university of Central Chernozem Region – VSUACE.

In 1928-1934 Central Chernozem Region was an administrative and territorial unit of the Russian SFSR. It occupied the territories of the former Voronezh, Kursk, Oryol and Tambov governorates, with Voronezh being the regional center. At that time there were only two universities in the region: Voronezh State University and Voronezh Agricultural University. Industrialization and large-scale construction revealed a lack of qualified engineers – and brought up necessity of creating technical universities. In the summer of 1930 the first university of civil engineering was open.


Voronezh Institute of Civil Engineering, 1930s 


Former building of Polytechnic Institute

During the first years of its history, the university changed its status several time, switching focus from military to civil and back to military engineering. In 1941 it was reorganized into Voronezh Aviation Institute that was later evacuated to Tashkent.

The university in Voronezh resumed its activity in 1944 as Voronezh Institute of Civil Engineering teaching professionals in industrial and civil engineering in two faculties: the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

In 1956 another technical university was open to provide the region with professionals working for the local industries - Evening Engineering Institute.

In 1958 Evening Engineering Institute was reorganized into Voronezh Evening Polytechnic Institute which later, in 1962 became Voronezh Polytechnic Institute with all modes of study available. In 1993 it was renamed into Voronezh State Technical University.

In 2016 the university entered a new chapter of its history changing its status once more – becoming the flagship technical university playing the leading part in the strategic development of the region.

Since its foundation date the university has continuously extended its material, technical and knowledge base, increased the teaching staff, broadened its cooperation with the regional industry. It allowed the university to become a big scientific and educational center in a short time.