The "Boiling Point"

VSTU Boiling Point is a space where representatives of education, science and business, scientists and businessmen, technology entrepreneurs, civil officers and members of public organizations, students, theorists and practicians can share and exchange with their experiences, talk about their activity results, work out new models for development of our region as individually (in own directions) and interacting with each other. The teamwork space where each person or team is involved in the implementation of the Strategic Initiatives Agency (ASI) agenda and gets free access to knowledge, competent experts, new ideas and technologies.

Aims and Goals:

  • Operational exchange of information, creation of a unified information field, a unified undistorted semantic space;
  • Identification of new projects with the potential for replication, transfer to system projects and strategic initiatives;
  • Identification of new leaders for regional management teams;
  • Creating an image of the future using trends phygital;
  • Acceleration of project teams and project development;
  • Transfer and implementation of ASI and partners’ best practices;
  • Involvement of new participants in strategic initiatives and system projects;
  • Consolidation of regional elites;
  • Building teams for design tasks.

To become a participant:

Sign-up in;

Create an account;

Track events using Leader-ID calendar;

Register for an event and participate.

To make an event in VSTU Boiling Point

1. Evaluate the compliance:
— free;
— have usage value;
— develop and give new skills;
— broaden the mind.
2. Allocate a space on
3. Meet a program manager.
4. Post info on leader-id.
5. Host the event.
6. Delete a space.

Targeted audience:

  • technological and social entrepreneurs;
  • young scientists and engineers;
  • artists and designers;
  • representatives of noncommercial entities;
  • representatives of real and financial sectors;
  • innovators and students;
  • teachers and secondary school students developing own ideas and business.

People visit VSTU Boiling Point to:

  • know opinions of competent experts;
  • exchange with news and best experience;
  • create project teams;
  • meet partners;
  • participate in implementation of high-impact projects;
  • define priorities in personal and professional spheres;
  • discuss and design the future.

VKontakte group:

leader-id link: 

Work schedule:

Mon – Fri from 9 am till 5 pm (till 9 pm by request)

Sat – Sun by request