Health and fitness center with a swimming pool

The University's educational and sports facilities include: gyms fitted with equipment for playing sports, gymnastics, weightlifting and other sports, a physical therapy room, a shooting club and a chess club. The listed facilities are located on the territory of educational and laboratory buildings and have an area of 2,778.1 sq. m. On the campus at 179 Moskovsky Prospekt Street there is a ski center, a football pitch, a race track, a mini football pitch, a gym area and a basketball court. In addition, the University has a health and fitness complex with a swimming pool of 1,707.4 square meters. A multi-functional outdoor sports ground is being built near the campus №6 at 81, 20-letiya Oktyabrya Street.

The University has 2 health and fitness camps: "Green noise" and "Rainbow", which work during the summer period. A health and fitness camp "Rainbow" with a total area of 2137.4 sq. m is located in the village of Maklok, Voronezh region, Novousmansky district. The guests are provided with a canteen, a billiard room, a club and a medical station. A health and fitness camp "Green noise" with a total area of 6 hectares, is located in the Zheleznodorozhny district, Kozhevenny cordon. There are special buildings for students as well as for professors and canteens there.