Laboratories and centers

Base Research and Education Center Instrumentation Engineering Technology

Base Research and Education Center Radio-Technical Systems

Base Research and Education Center Thermoelectric Phenomena

Base Research and Education Center АТОS

Base Research and Manufacturing Complex Aviaperspectiva

Innovation Business Incubator named after. Prof. Y.M.Borisov

Research and Testing Center Dormost

Academic Research Center Ekodor

Vibroacoustics in Construction Industry Academic Research Center

Research and Education Center Design. Education. Science

Research and Education Center Regional Architecture Issues and Cultural and Historical Heritage Preservation

Research and Manufacturing Gemological Center Kristall

Research and Manufacturing Center Geotechnical Investigations

Research and Manufacturing Center Inpromtekh

Research and Manufacturing Center StroyProektControl

Research and Manufacturing Center Ecology, Condition Assessment, Upkeep, Water Supply and Water Disposal

Science and Technology Center Architecture and Urban Planning

Science and Technology Center Technical Assessment of Vehicles (STC AVTOTEKH)

Research Center for Fundamental Research on Natural and Construction Sciences named after Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation, Prof. Rоssikhin Yuri Alekseyevich.

Specialized Center of Industrial Safety Expert Appraisal

Students’ Academic Research Laboratory Aerospace Technology

Students’ Academic Research Laboratory KVANT

Students’ Design and Technology Center Additive Technology

Students’ Design Center Innovative Construction Technology

The Center for Collective Use named after Prof. Y.M.Borisov

The Center for Collective Use of Scientific Equipment Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology Items

Inclusive Design Center

Research and Forensic Building Investigation Center

Inspection of Buildings and Structures Center

Construction Robotics Center

Energy Audit Center