For questions concerning the 2021 admission procedure for international students, please send an e-mail to  

or contact Admission Office:

Tel.: +7-962-325-80-00 

  Students are admitted to study at Voronezh State Technical University according to the “VSTU Admission Regulations” which can be found on the admission committee’s page. There you can also find list of available programmes and entrance examinations for each course.

You must provide the Institute of International Education with the following documents:

 - application form for studying at VSTU;

- education documents equivalent to state-approved education documents issued by the Russian Federation necessary for admission to an education programme of the specific level. The documents must state the qualification (degree), studied subjects and grades;

- Bachelor (BSс/BA), Specialist: certificate of complete secondary education;

- Master (MSс/MA): Bachelor’s or Specialist’s diploma;

- PhD: Master’s or Specialist’s diploma;

- education documents must be legalized by the state issued the diploma (you can find the details of the legalizaition procedure at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the issuing state or on the website of the Federal State Budget Institution “Glavexpertcenter” (Главэкспертцентр)); 

- notarized Russian translation of the education documents and grades;

- state-approved certificate of equivalence of education obtained abroad (if available);

- standard medical certificate confirming the absence of medical contraindications to studying in the Russian Federation;

- certificate confirming the absence of HIV infection, valid in the Russian Federation;

- passport, visa and migration card;

- notarized passport translation;

- six matte photos, 3x4 cm.

Russian translation of the education documents must be notarized in Russian Federation or by the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation in the issuing state. Education documents and academic titles certificates must pass the recognition and equivalence establishment procedure in due course.

Institute of International Education may request any additional information.