Supplementary vocational education

The faculty implements supplementary vocational education programs: advanced training programs and professional retraining programs.

The main activity of the Supplementary Vocational Education Institute is:

- organizing and conducting advanced training and professional retraining for specialists of enterprises (associations), organizations and institutions, civil servants, discharged employees, unoccupied population and unemployed specialists;

- provision of continuous education and development of the regional system of supplementary professional education;

- assistance in the professional adaptation of specialists who do not have experience of practical work; 

- cooperation with national and foreign companies, funds and other organizations on the exchange of experience and joint conferences, congresses, seminars, meetings, internships;

Supplementary vocational education programmes are developed in accordance with the federal state educational standards and taking into account the requirements of the relevant professional standards. Each program is updated in accordance with the changing requirements of the labour market and legislation. Taking into account the requirements of a customer, special courses are being developed, and educational modules are being included into professional retraining programmes.

Director of the Center of 
supplementary vocational education

Roman Aleksandrovich Sheps 


Address: 394006 Voronezh, 20 let Oktyabrya st., 84, building 1, room 1201

Telephone: +7-4732-71-71-50