Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Safety

Founded in 2013, the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Safety is focused on training of IT specialists. Information technology is a wide range of disciplines and areas of activity under generation, management and processing of  data files with special reference to application of computer equipment. The faculty trains Bachelors, Masters, Specialists and PhD students. 

Programs And Specialities

Computing and Informatics

Areas of professional activity: network administration, development of hardware and software configuration of automated data processing and management systems. Students acquire an in-depth knowledge of mathematics, theoretical computer science and programming.  

Information Systems and Technologies

The course is aimed at training of specialists capable of solving theoretical and practical tasks in the field of information systems as well as related subject areas in particular cultural, social and economic contexts using state-of-the-art computer systems.


Computer Safety

Area of professional activity includes handling of problems related to development and operation of hardware and data protection systems of computer networks against harmful software and information impact.  

Information Security of Telecommunication Systems

Areas of professional activity: problem solving, establishment, analysis and operation of telecommunication systems of information security.  

Information Security of Automation  Systems

Training of students is targeted at handling of problems related to security support of the wide range of automation systems faced with threats in the information field.   


The Department of Computer-aided Engineering System and Informational Systems
The Department of Automated and Computer Systems
The Department of Computer-assisted Intelligent Design Technology
The Department of Information Security Systems
The Department of Graphics, Design Engineering and Information Technology in Industrial Design
The Department of further mathematics and Physico-Mathematical Modeling

Pavel Yurievich Gusev  

Candidate of Engineering Sciences 

Address: 394066, Moskovsky av., 179, building 3, room 213

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