Faculty of Culture and Education

The Faculty of Culture and Education was created at Voronezh State Technical University on 1 February 2019. The primary aim of the Faculty is to expand cultural and educational activities of VSTU and create long-term development of regional socio-cultural sphere for students and various social categories.

Goals of the Faculty of Culture and Education are to implement ongoing and strategic development of VSTU in the fields of cultural, educational and social activities under the Voronezh Region Flagship University Development Program; to execute social, cultural and artistic, educational, humanistic, research, fitness and sports projects for various population categories (preschoolers, pupils, students, economically active population, retired employees, disabled people) for the purpose of providing additional education, self-employment and improvements in their life quality; to maintain socially-oriented centers and university units cooperation; to expand nonprofit student organizations activities and grant programs of the university; to expand volunteering activities and services of the university and the region; to support social integration of representatives of various nationalities among students and citizens and so on.


Department of Foreign Languages and Translation Technology

Department of Russian Language and Intercultural Communication  

Department of Philosophy, Sociology and History

Department of Public Relations

Department of Physical Education 

Programs And Specialities


Mode of study – intramural (contractual)

Period of study – 4 years

Degree: Bachelor

Advertising and Public Relations

Degree – Bachelor

Mode of study – intra/extramural  


Akopyan Anton Vladimirovich  

Address: 394006 Voronezh, 20 let Oktyabrya st., 84, building 5