The Bulletin of Voronezh State Technical University

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The Bulletin of Voronezh State Technical University is a peer-reviewed scientific 
magazine published since 2000. It was established by the Voronezh State Technical 
University. The journal is registered by the Federal service for supervision of 
communications, information technology, and mass media (registration certificate PI № FS 
77 – 74159 02 November 2018) 

ISSN 1729-6501 

Impact factor of RINC 2013 - 0,149 

The Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the 
Russian Federation included the "Bulletin of the Voronezh State Technical University" to 
the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications. HAC recommends 
publishing the results of postgraduate and doctoral research in the bulletin. 

The Bulletin of the Voronezh State Technical University is included in the Russian citation 
index and is available at the “E-library”. 

The Bulletin of the Voronezh State Technical University publishes original works, review 
articles, essays and discussions on the wide range of research areas in mechanical 
engineering and metalworking, radio engineering and communications, computer science, 
computer technology and management, and related industries. 

The magazine appeals to engineers, scientists, managers of industrial enterprises and 
research organizations, teachers, graduate and post-graduate students and to technical 
universities as a whole. 

The bulletin presents articles on the following areas of research conducted at the 

· Mechanical engineering and science of machines  
· Radio engineering and communication 
· Informatics, computer engineering and control  

Based on the following academic specialties and corresponding branches of science, the 
resource is included in the “List of reviewed scientific publications”, in which the main 
scientific results of the dissertations for the ‘Degree of Candidate of Science’ and for the 
‘Degree of Doctor of Science’ should be published as of 2019: 

05.02.04 - Friction and run-out in the mechanisms (technical sciences), 
05.02.07 - Technology and equipment for mechanical and physical-technical processing 
(technical sciences), 
05.02.08 - Engineering technology (technical sciences), 
05.02.09 - Technologies and mechanisms for pressure treatment (technical sciences), 
05.02.10 - Welding, the processes and technologies related to welding (technical 
12.05.04 - Radio engineering, including television systems and devices (technical 
12.05.07 – Aerials, microwave devices and applied technologies (technical sciences), 
12.05.13 - Systems, networks and telecommunications devices (technical sciences), 
05.13.01 - System analysis, management and information processing based on industrial 
areas (technical sciences), 
05.13.06 - Automation and management of technological processes and branche based 
production (technical sciences), 
05.13.11 - Mathematical and software of computers, computer complexes and networks 
(technical sciences), 
05.13.15 - Computers, complexes and networks (technical sciences), 
05.13.18 - Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes (technical 

The bulletin presents articles that were not published earlier in any other scientific 

Bulletin uses double-blind review, which means that both the reviewer and author identities 
are concealed from the reviewers. The editorial board of the bulletin takes final decision on 
the publications.  All the materials posted are free of charge. 

The magazine is published on a bi-monthly basis.  The full access to the electronic version 
of the bulletin is available at:

Publishing house:

State educational establishment of higher professional education Voronezh state technical University


14, Moscow Avenue, Voronezh, 394026