Recommendations on writing abstract and choosing keywords

Abstract (in Russian and English) is required. The volume of the abstract must be 200-250 words. The authors are to use 4 - 6 sentences to express the essence of the problem under study, its relevance and methods of solution. The abstract is not the content of the article, but rather its description. Structurally the abstract should include the following aspects: topic, the purpose of the work; method or methodology of the work; results of work; the field of application of results; conclusion. In the text of the abstract in English, the terminology characteristic of foreign special texts should be used, and significant words from the text of the article should be used.

Keywords (required and must contain 5-10 words and phrases). Keywords and phrases are separated from each other by a comma. Keywords that make up the semantic core of the article are a list of basic concepts and categories that serve to describe the problem under study.