Teachers and students of Voronezh State Technical University visited Czechia

27 Dezember 2017 Teilen  
International Affairs
Teachers and students of Voronezh State Technical University, including head of the Utilities Chair and director of the People’s Institute, dean of the Faculty of Engineering Systems and Structure, professor at the Buildings and Structures Design Chair, docent at the Chair of Electric Drive, head of the laboratory at the Utilities Chair and senior lecturer at the Chair of Fundamental Design and Architectural Drawing have visited Czechia.

During their time there, the delegation visited Czech Technical University in Prague, namely the Faculties of Architecture and Civil Engineering; Department of Transport of Prague as well as construction sites of business class residential lofts reconstructed from industrial buildings.

The participants also had a chance to meet Head of the construction company MetroStav, Deputy Mayor of Prague Petr Dolínek and Vlado Milunić, the architect behind the unique “dancing house”. They discussed historic preservation in the face of population growth and infrastructure development, the utility reform in fast-growing new areas, energy efficiency, competitive sale of energy and organization of the united transport system in the city as the crucial part of reducing traffic on highways and streets etc.

The students also participated in a workshop and the teachers took a special training course.