Series of lectures on IT for Andijan Machine-Building Institute

3 Dezember 2021 Teilen  
International Affairs

From 1 to 4 December the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Safety Pavel Gusev and Associate Professor of the Department of Intelligent Computer-aided Design Technology Aleksei Bredikhin visited Andijan Machine-Building Institute to give lectures on IT as part of the partnership with educational institutions of Uzbekistan.

During their visit, representatives of VSTU had a tour through buildings and laboratories of the institute. Rector Umid Turdialiev and Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Kobuljon Ermatov told about the history, recent scientific developments and achievements in the educational field of the Institute, and emphasized their interest in development of cooperation with VSTU.

Pavel Gusev and Aleksei Bredikhin gave a series of lectures for students of Andijan Machine-Building Institute on "CAD/CAM/CAE systems. Their purpose and examples of real projects" as well as "Simulation modeling of technological processes and decision making on the basis of simulation modeling results". In December AndMI lecturers, in their turn, will organize a number of lectures for VSTU students on "Technology of Oracle databases. Object-oriented databases", " Theory of electrical and physical and chemical processes", "Reliability and diagnostics of technological systems. Teaching methods for special disciplines", "Ground transportation systems".