VSTU hosts a Career Day for Information Technology students

28 September 2021 Teilen  
International Affairs

On September 24, the Department of Management and Information Technology in Construction held an annual Career Day for students studying Applied Informatics and Information Systems and Technology.

Representatives of such companies as Atos, DataArt, Complex automation group of companies and ANCO Forensic expert Region told students about working conditions in a workplace, career development as well as employment prospects in the field of information technology in national and international enterprises.

As a result of the meeting, students of the department received an opportunity to participate in programmes of additional education in Atos and DataArt companies. These programmes are implemented simultaneously with university programmes of higher education. Additional education programmes are aimed at development of practical experience and professional competencies, which give a big advantage in the labor market, as well as the opportunity of further employment in these companies.

Voronezh State Technical University places great emphasis on professional future of its graduates. A special commission on employment assistance for young specialists helps them to adapt to the current labor market after graduation.

The Office of Student Internship and Employment of VSTU in cooperation with faculties of the university organize meetings of potential employers with students of all fields of study.

Each department has a person responsible for employment in the respective field. Thus, employers can contact the university for specialists they need.