Africa Day celebration at VSTU

28 Mai 2021 Teilen  
International Affairs

On May 27, VSTU celebrated Africa Day. The event is an annual commemoration of the university that marks the founding of Organization of African Unity in 1963. Africa Day celebration symbolizes the desire of African countries to unite in the interest of self-development, peace and prosperity of the continent.

The event was organized by the Department of Education and Social Work, the International Project Office, the Institute of International Education and international students of VSTU from Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Egypt, Congo, Angola, Zambia, Burundi. Celebration was opened by Anton Khodunov, Vice-Rector for Student Affrairs, and the Head of the International Project Office Evgeniia Kiseleva. They welcomed participants and stressed the importance of international cooperation.

On that day, international students of VSTU performed songs and folk dances. The event culminated in National Costume Show, after which guests had a chance to explore African cuisine through a varied selection of dishes, cooked by students.