1 March 2023 分享  

An agreement on cooperation and joint activities was signed between the city administration and specialized universities.

It was attended by Mayor Vadim Kstenin, Rector of Voronezh State Technical University Dmitry Proskurin and Rector of Voronezh State Forestry Engineering University Mikhail Drapalyuk. This was reported on the official portal of the administration of the urban district of Voronezh city.


The signed document plans to organize interaction in the implementation of measures in the field of environmental protection, including the preservation and development of public green areas in the city.


Now students of VSTU and VSFEU will be able to take an active part in the development of projects for the reconstruction and development of public green areas in Voronezh. Likewise in the development and implementation of scientific methods in the field of environmental protection, which can be applied in our city, the organization of joint research projects. Also, the result of the activities of Voronezh universities students in the development of public spaces may serve as an employment for graduates in the municipal organizations of Voronezh.


During the implementation of the agreement, joint competitions and other environmental education activities will be held. Already this year, it is planned to hold a joint open city competition for students “The Green City That We Built”. It will be held in four categories for preparation of the projects of reconstruction of parks and squares, creation of flower beds and art objects.