14 February 2023 分享  

Pavel Yurov, a PhD student of Construction Faculty of the Voronezh State Technical University, together with the Higher School of Building Materials Science (ADCC) and under the supervision of Professor of the Technology of Building Materials, Products and Structures Department Galina Stanislavovna Slavcheva, developed a laboratory complex for building 3D printing. It includes a portal moving system, an extrusion system and a mix feeding system. The need to develop a complex for construction 3D printing is due to the fact that it meets the key areas of the Strategy for the Development of Additive Technologies in the Russian Federation until 2030 (Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 14, 2021 N 1913-r).


The proposed laboratory prototype of a technological complex for construction 3D printing differs from known analogues in that for the first time a feed and extrusion system has been developed that will ensure operation with high-viscosity, low-fluid mixtures (yield strength up to 5 kPa); the possibility of optimizing print modes, including complex synchronous regulation of feed modes, extrusion and printing modes in accordance with the properties of mixtures and parameters of building products. Also, the developed complex is distinguished by its open architecture, that is, the possibility of supplementing with additional mechanisms for finishing


– At the moment, the prototype is being actively developed, minor bugs and errors are being fixed,” said Pavel Yurov. - While it does not have all the planned functions, but in the future they will be implemented. The planned functionality will allow the developed product to fully compete in the market with other similar systems.