VIII Euro-Asian Symposium «Trends in MAGnetism»

14 января 2022 Поделиться  
Казанский физико-технический институт имени Е. К. Завойского приглашает принять участие в VIII Евро-Азиатском симпозиуме «Trends in MAGnetism».

Registration March 15, 2022
Submission of abstracts April 15, 2022

Научная программа:

• Spintronics and magnetic nanostructures
• Spin dynamics and magnetic resonances
• Low dimensional magnetism
• Domain walls, vortices and skyrmions
• Magnetotransport, magnetooptics and magnetophotonics
• Magnetoelastic, magnetocaloric and shape memory effects
• Frustrated and disordered magnetism
• Magnetism of strongly correlated electron systems
• Magnetism and superconductivity
• Soft and hard magnetic materials
• Magnetic semiconductors, multiferroics, topological insulators
• Magnetic soft matter
• Magnetism in biology and medicine
• Magnetic non-destructive testing

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