VSTU students develop a disinfection system for vehicles

24 December 2020   International Affairs

The Student Research and Development Center of Voronezh State Technical University developed a disinfection system for vehicles. An innovative irradiator-recirculator creates COVID-safe environment in public transport, rental and personal vehicles with a focus on air purification and vehicle’s interior disinfection. The project was implemented within the framework of a project-based educational intensive course of VSTU.

“It is the first technology of its type in Russia, designed for disinfection of air and the interior of a vehicle,” said the director of the Office for commercialization of innovative projects and developments of VSTU, Alexander Sergeev.

According to him, the device has two operating modes. In the first mode, the device safely disinfects air in a vehicle in the presence of a driver and passengers. The irradiator-recirculator draws in the air, purifies it and returns it to the passenger compartment. In the second mode, the device disinfects handrails and seats with ultraviolet that kills all pathogenic bacteria and viruses on the surfaces. On public transport UV disinfection should be carried out in empty passenger compartments, at rout terminals or bus stands. What’s more, the device is equipped with a human presence detector.

For more information please visit the website of the National Technological Initiative.