New Art space of VSTU holds workshops online

13 May 2020   International Affairs

“Art space” is a new creative association of Voronezh Flagship university students interested in handicraft. The project aims to hold meetings and workshops on decorative and applied arts. Art space project is focused on building artistic and decorative skills and free exchange of experience in the field.

Participating students will be given an opportunity to try their hand at development of cards and student's record book covers in scrapbooking techniques and decorative ribbon elements. Among other activities of the project are damask stitch, beadwork, fabric painting and much more. Thus, students will learn useful skills, discover new ways of spending their free time and meet new people.

In the framework of the project, coordinators will hold workshops and two training courses – “School of design” and “Handmade master”. Three workshops of the Art space project were held online on Vkontakte platform, during which participants sewn interior bears, drew spectacular and easy gouache paintings. All workshops are recorded. More information about the project and new meetings can be found on the Vkontakte page of the project.