VSTU once again has been rated as a highly effective university

28 December 2019   International Affairs

Following a performance monitoring of institutions of higher education - 2019, performed by The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Voronezh State Technical University has once again been named an effective university. A total of 1 264 institutions of higher education of our country (including 23 educational organizations of the Voronezh Region) participated in the monitoring. VSTU not only surpassed the threshold value, but also has shown improvements in academic, international, economic and financial activities, and salary rates compared to the previous year.

VSTU has a long history of providing training for mid-career professionals in the region. Performance monitoring of intermediate vocational education - 2019 aimed to assess educational organizations, various performance indicators of intermediate vocational education courses, including academic, international, economic and financial activities, further vocational education programs, infrastructure, staff, social responsibility as well as level of qualification and placement opportunities of graduates acknowledged the high quality of education.

VSTU is not complacent and constantly improves its focus areas and all levels of education provided by the university.