Voronezh State Technical University presented the scientific and academic achievements of Voronezh district at the exhibition "Vuzpromexpo-2019"

27 December 2019   International Affairs

More than 100 leading Russian universities and research organizations, 26 engineering centers, research and educational centers, companies - leaders of Russian industry - presented their achievements at the VI national exhibition "Vuzpromexpo-2019". The event was attended by the management of Voronezh State Technical University, as well as students participating in the All-Russian Competition of Young Entrepreneurs-2019. The event was organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

Within two days, December 11-12, 2019, the Expocenter central exhibition complex became a rallying point for specialists from federal executive bodies, educational and scientific organizations, and industrial enterprises, since it was here that one could see unique scientific developments successfully introduced into production , and discuss current issues related to the implementation of state and federal targeted programs in the field of science and industry.

On the first day of the exhibition, a meeting under the leadership of the Minister of Science and Higher Education Mikhail Kotyukov, dedicated to the implementation of the national projects “Science” and “Education” was held. The head of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia mentioned that one of the key goals of the national project “Science” is the creation of scientific and educational centers; the initiative comes from the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, which see potential from the cooperation of science, education and the industrial sector.

“The exhibition presents the ideas and developments of the first five regions in which scientific and educational centers have been created. This implies, first of all, the joint work of universities, scientific organizations and industrial companies in areas that are really important for the development of the region. The Ministry is ready to make every effort to support and develop research projects and educational programs that leading universities will offer to young professionals. It is very important that at the sites of scientific and educational centers the ideas of our researchers turn into Russian technologies,” - the head of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science noted.

According to Mikhail Kotyukov, if we talk about the educational component, the experience of the first five RECs gives reason to believe that both secondary and general education should be included in this circuit in order to create unified principles that allow laying career guidance at the very early stages of training.

The stand of the Voronezh State University showed the development of science and education in the Voronezh region. A power generation system based on thermoelectric modules, a liquid propellant small thrust engine, a multi-purpose gas generator for creating autonomous energy supply systems for enterprises, and broadband radio-absorbing structures based on frequency-selective gratings were presented here.

It also demonstrated an intelligent production control system using a digital double, an antenna for 5G generation mobile communications equipment, products from composite materials for aviation, models of 3D-printed multifunctional small architectural forms, reinforcing nanostructured coatings, and special-purpose building composites based on carbon nano-additives.

“Holding such a large-scale specialized event is necessary for specialists as the quintessence of knowledge. New information, exchange of experience and lively communication of participants are always an impulse to accelerate scientific and technological progress in any industry. And, of course, the role of the ministry, always striving to create the opportunity for a wide exchange of views, professional communication and the growth of specialists, should be noted. We represent the Voronezh region, brought to the exhibition promising developments of our core university, ” - said the rector of VSTU Sergey Kolodyazhny.

Along with the exhibition, there was a rich business program for the participants, including round tables, panel discussions, master classes, and pitch sessions. In addition, the results of the All-Russian contest of youth technological entrepreneurship among students were held.