VSTU student wins the all-Russian "My country – My Russia» competition with an ecological project

22 June 2020   International Affairs

On June 6, participants of the XVII All-Russian "My country – my Russia" competition, one of the projects supported by the presidential platform "Russia – land of opportunity", presented their projects in one of the largest categories "Ecology of my country". 

During the in-person stage, participants from 23 regions of Russia presented their works. Experts of the "My country – my Russia" competition determined 6 winners in the category "Ecology of my country", among them is a student of the Voronezh Flagship University Ekaterina Artemova, with her technology of construction using recycled building materials. Her project "The reuse of building materials, units and structures salvaged after deconstruction of buildings in design and construction of low-rise buildings" will save natural resources and reduce construction costs.

For now, the authors of the best projects have been named, and the distribution of prizes will be announced later. The solemn award ceremony for winners of the competition will be held in the fall of 2020.

The "Ecology of my country" category is one of the three largest nominations of the XVII All-Russian contest "My country – my Russia». This season 7,599 people took part in it. The second most popular category is "My pedagogical initiative" – 10,655 people. The leading position in the number of contestants was taken by the nomination "My country. My story. My Victory", dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War with 11,764 participants.  

“Russia – land of opportunity " always responds vividly to new values and meanings of society. Today, environmental friendliness has become one of the main trends in our country, and we see its impact in many of the platform's projects. Perhaps the most active response was received in the competition "My country – my Russia". The nomination "Ecology of my country" has shown its relevance, becoming the third largest in the competition: out of 63,011 participants of this season, 7,599 presented their initiatives that raise issues of the ecology of Russia», - said project manager ANO "Russia – land of opportunity" Luka Horubin. 

Also in the XVII season of the All-Russian competition "My country – my Russia", the contestants had the opportunity to receive a grant for the implementation of their initiative in the framework of the grant competition of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

The competition "My country – my Russia" is implemented within the framework of the Federal project "Social elevators for everyone" of the national project "Education".