At VSTU was opened a Training Center of the Vaillant Academy

20 Февраля 2019   International Affairs

On January 29, 2019, at Voronezh Flagship University was opened a Training Center of the Vaillant Academy. It is located in academic building № 6 at the address: 20 let Oktyabra st., 84. During a solemn ceremony the rector of VSTU Sergey Kolodyazhny and the general director of the “Vaillant Group Rus” Denis Gass cut the ribbon. The center is fully equipped with innovative working gas appliances made by Vaillant company which is a world recognized leader in production of heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.
“Our partnership with the university is aimed at creating training courses for highly skilled employees. Our task is to demonstrate the most up to date heating equipment and share our knowledge with VSTU students and specialists in the field of heat and gas supply and ventilation in Voronezh. They can get all the necessary skills here. The Training Center turned out to be very cozy, for students were created all the conditions to study with comfort,” emphasized Denis Gass.
In his turn, Sergey Kolodyazhny thanked the company’s general director for the assistance and noted the importance of the fact that the VSTU administration and representatives of the “Vaillant Group Rus” are interested in training of in-demand and promising specialists:
“Creation of the Training Center is a significant event, as a matter of fact, it opens up new opportunities in the field of specialist training. In fact, it’s a “defining point” for joint work on the future, on the possibility for our students to create a self-development center and self-competence in new technologies.”
Renovation of an audience and installation of equipment were carried out as soon as possible: from October 2018 to January 2019. Now it is the Training Center, equipped with the most up to date heating appliances, completely ready to be used.
A non-boiling solar panel for water heating, an automatic weather-dependent controller, a floor-standing gas condensing boiler with an integrated boiler, a wall-mounted gas condensation boiler of the pro series with two circuits and other innovative Vaillant’s products are represented here. The director of the company's training department Evgeniy Sotnichenko described working principles of the appliances.
Now students of Voronezh Flagship University are able to use this equipment to fulfill their laboratory researches and gain practical knowledge in the field of design and installation of heating systems.